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June 28, 2012 2:11 PM

Clear Creek County Emergency Preparedness Message

To hear a recording of this message, call (303) 670-7508

You have reached the Clear Creek County Emergency Management Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness Line. For your safety and the safety of others you need to comply with all evacuation orders. Do not rely on notification. Do Not Wait – Evacuate!
Here are some things you need to know in the event that you receive an evacuation order:
Make a plan that includes - Evacuation Routes and Meeting Places.
Practice the plan and the evacuation routes. You need to be prepared, knowing the steps you need to take during a disaster can greatly reduce the danger and distress you and your family may face.
The following things will help you and your family plan for, persevere during and recover after an evacuation….
The 5 P’s: Papers, Prescriptions, Pets, Personal Items, and Photos give a guideline for a prepacked kit to take with you in the event of an evacuation order.
*PAPERS - Insurance – Homeowner, Health, Medicare and Medicaid, Medical Records, Titles, Credit Cards, Cash, Copies of ID’s, Passports, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Birth Certificates, Care Provider Contact Information, and a Family Communication Plan.
*PRESCRIPTIONS – Yourself, Family, Seniors/and Persons with Access/Functional needs, To include equipment for daily treatments including oxygen and hearing aids. Animal medications.
*PETS – Kennel/Cat Carrier, Leash, Water, Food, Toy, Vaccination Records, Litter Box and Litter.
*PERSONAL ITEMS – Clothes, Sturdy Shoes, Infants – Formula and Diapers, Cell Phone Chargers, Laptop, Glasses, Contacts and Solution, Toiletries, Hygiene Products, Feminine Products, Wet Wipes, Wash Clothes, Towels, Flashlight with additional Batteries, Sleeping Bag, First Aid Kit, Paper Plates, Cups, Plastic Utensils, Comfort Items: Cards, Games, and Books, Etc.
*PHOTOS – and Small Irreplaceable Items
Each kit should be adapted to your personal needs and that of your family.
Other things to consider:
Keep your car fueled
Maps marked with your evacuation routes
Battery or Cranked operated Radio
If you have time before leaving there are some things you can do:
Outside: Turn off propane/gas, Remove all flammable patio furniture, Leave exterior lights on.
Inside: Shut windows and doors, Remove flammable shades and curtains, Leave lights on so Firefighters can see your home in smoky conditions.
Remember the 5 P’s – Paper, Prescriptions, Pets, Personal Items, and Photos
Do Not Rely on Notifications, Do not wait - Evacuate

If you have further questions, call (303) 679-2376 between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday thru Friday

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