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Posted on: May 16, 2017

Clear Creek Emergency Medical Services Celebrates 45th Anniversary

May 16, 2017 - Clear Creek County Communications, Colo. – Clear Creek EMS is celebrating 45 years of dedicated service in the community, and how their mission has changed and grown significantly over the years. “We have an amazing team of professionals who are completely dedicated to this community, because this is our family we’re taking care of everyday,” said Nicolena Johnson, Chief Paramedic.

At the Board of Commissioners’ (BoCC) meeting today, a resolution was approved designating the week of May 21-27th as “EMS Week in Clear Creek County’. Chairman Tim Mauck echoed the Board’s and County’s feelings saying, “…We are truly grateful to have such a hard working team of first responders who have literally given their blood, sweat and tears to thousands of residents and visitors to this community, 24/7.”

Since its inception as an all-volunteer force years ago, started by local legends such as Mike Morris, and recruits Bob Marlin and Don Allan, EMS’s mission has evolved and continues to grow, every year—covering some 365 square miles. Made up of a mix of full-time and part-time employees, all are either Paramedics or EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). That training consists of hundreds (and thousands) of hours of EMT training, IV certification and State certifications each EMS professional must have before they even get into a “bus”, or ambulance to make that first call response. Once hired by Clear Creek EMS, on-going training includes: swift water rescue, low angle & backcountry rescue, etc.

“Our training and dedication is what makes me know we are ready for that next call,” said Johnson. In addition, she touts ‘Provider Resiliency’ as a key factor in ensuring the team stays ready and strong. That resiliency part includes things such as good nutrition education, regular exercise, peer support and counseling services available. “We deal with some of the hardest things, and some of the best things,” she said.

“When people we work with and live with come up to us and say, ‘Thank goodness you’re here, and we’re proud of what you do,’ we know that what we do matters.”
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