How much money will this save the County?

Each year, Clear Creek Dispatch costs the County about $1.7 million.  Jeffcom911 services will cost the County $850,000 a year. Clear Creek County and its municipalities will save money for sure, but with the exact numbers are still to be determined. Below is a table that shows the breakdown of shared dispatch charges for next year (without Jeffcom911) based on the Sheriff’s Office 2024 proposed budget and recent quarterly call volumes.

dispatch table

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1. Why is Clear Creek County even looking into switching to Jeffcom911?
2. Was there a study? What were the recommendations?
3. How much money will this save the County?
4. Will this affect service?
5. Will the current dispatchers in the County lose their jobs?
6. Why didn’t Clear Creek County look into a partnership with Gilpin County?
7. Is Clear Creek County the only local entity looking into this?
8. How was the public informed during this process?
9. When will the switch take place?
10. Where can I find out more information?