Internal Services

The Internal Services Division supports governmental operations by providing a range of support service to other County departments in the areas of archives, building and facility maintenance, information technology and GIS/mapping.  The Archives and GIS/Mapping departments also provide services to the public.


Protection of old documents, research, continuing organization of departmental records and destruction of obsolete materials.

Building/Facility Maintenance

The purpose of the Maintenance Department is to provide safe, clean and energy efficient environment for county employees and customers. This is accomplished by failure prevention practices that maximize the performance and extend the useful life of equipment and systems throughout the county’s facilities as well as maintaining the aesthetic qualities of facility interiors and landscapes.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department supports all the computer and technology needs of Clear Creek County, assisting in the County's efforts to serve its constituency as efficiently and effectively as possible. Through the coordinated efforts of all County departments, the IT Department implements and maintains quality computer information systems and cost-effective technology solutions that facilitate and improve the conduct of business for our county residents.


The Mapping Department manages and maintains the County Geographic Information System (GIS).  The GIS allows us to visualize, question, analyze and interpret data to understand geo-spatial relationships, patterns and trends.