Recreational Sport Shooting


  • 9.8.21- The Clear Creek Shooting Range Project made significant progress on September 6, 2022! Three important steps were completed which started Phase II of the Project.
    The first step was the approval by the Clear Creek Board of County Commissioners of an $860,000 grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Phase II will involve completing the design and engineering work, lead mitigation and removal, site work, and renovations to the range. Range improvements will include 45 public shooting lanes, 2 action bays, and a new clubhouse with restrooms, a classroom, office space and a small retail area. The Clear Creek BOCC also approved a contract with EV Studio to provide the final design and engineering for the new facility. The scope of work includes review, analysis, consultation, and all architectural, civil and structural engineering required for state and local permitting. The third success was the approval by the Gilpin Board of County Commissioners of the Intergovernmental Agreement with Clear Creek County. This document outlines the terms for transferring their committed match of $400,000 to the Project as part of the CPW Grant application. The IGA is scheduled on the Clear Creek BOCC’s agenda for consideration on October 4, 2022. This multi-jurisdictional approach to the Project will accomplish the closure of unsafe shooting areas identified on US Forest Service lands in Clear Creek and Gilpin County. Clear Creek and Gilpin will be applying for a Colorado Parks and Wildlife construction grant in February 2023 to complete the Project. The new public shooting range is expected to be open to the public in mid-2024.
  • 6.3.21 - In May 2021, CPW awarded the County an $860,000 Shooting Range Development Grant. The grant and $550,000 match will provide funding for approximately 50% of the estimated total cost ($2.8 million) of the project and will include: (1) lead mitigation and remediation of the existing site, (2) preparation of final design plans and technical documents needed for permits and construction, (3) installation of the necessary service infrastructure (e.g. water, sewer, storm drainage improvements), (4) sitework required for the new range reconfiguration, and (5) construction of the clubhouse; including restrooms, classroom, office, and retail space. When completed, the range will offer 45 public shooting lanes and 2 action bays.
  • 11.7.19 - County hires CVA to develop Range Design and Business Plan at former rodeo grounds
  • 9.18.19 - County’s Acoustic Testing Project in Dumont (see pg 2 of Oct-Dec 2019 Chatter)
  • 6.13.19 - Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests Releases Final Decision for Recreational Sport Shooting
  • 6.11.19 - Colorado Parks & Wildlife award Planning Grant funding to Clear Creek County
  • 10.3.18 - Devil’s Nose Shooting Range is closed for safety to allow construction
  • 9.20.18 - Forest Service releases draft decision
  • 11.1.17 - Sport Shooting Open Houses scheduled
  • 11.1.17 - Alternative Maps as part of Forest Service Recreational Sport Shooting Project now online

General Information

General guidelines to safe Recreational Sport Shooting

Areas open to Recreational Sport Shooting

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife map of shooting ranges in Colorado
  • County Open Space provided these guidelines and all State/Federal rules are adhered to. Please see Open Space areas that are closed to Recreational Sport Shooting.
  • Private property in Clear Creek Countywith the following guidelines:
    • If local covenants allow
    • With permission from the property owner
    • A sufficient backstop in place to keep bullets from leaving the property
    • No Drugs or Alcohol
    • Follow Colorado Revised Statues pertaining to Firearms or other misconduct
    • Be respectful of your neighbors, no shooting after sunset or before sunrise
  • Sportsman’s Club (Members only)
  • U.S.F.S.

Areas Closed to Recreational Sport Shooting

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
    • Bergen Peak State Wildlife Area (PDF) - The discharge of firearms or bows is prohibited, except when hunting.
    • Georgetown State Wildlife Area - Those lands that are within the Georgetown municipal limits.
  • County Open Space
    • Beaver Brook Watershed - Hunting is allowed during established hunting seasons for the purposes of hunting.
    • Game Check Park
    • Lawson Whitewater Park
    • Oxbow property
    • Philadelphia Mill Site
  • Denver Mountain Parks – No firearms, bows or hunting.
  • Historic District Public Lands (HDPLC) – All public lands within the HDPLCboundary and the Saxon Mountain Study Area. Hunting is allowed during established hunting seasons for the purposes of hunting.
    • Map (PDF) of Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District Public Lands
  • USFS Properties

Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership