Developed Land

Developed land typically has constructed utilities, structures and/or driveways existing. 

Developed land may be the site of your future dream home or commercial business. It is important to know what you might be  purchasing or selling - from easements to zoning restrictions to utility challenges, vacant land can be more than meets the eye.

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Permit Research
There are several ways to conduct your own property research in Clear Creek County. 

  1. E-Trakit
  2. Open Records Request
  3. Contact the Clear Creek County Permit Coordinator

E-Trakit is a web-based version of the Clear Creek County permit database. This feature allows citizens, and the public, to search for permit information associated with a parcel number or address in unincorporated Clear Creek County.  E-Trakit currently will show the type of permits issued, issue date and the status of the permit. Copies of plans, applications and permits are not currently available through E-Trakit and must be requested directly through an Open Records Request.

To access permit records through E-Trakit please visit the E-Trakit web page and navigate to the "Search Permit" tab. You will need to set up an account in E-Trakit in order to access permit records.

Open Records Request
If you are looking to obtain copies of specific documents you may submit an Open Records Request Form. Request for review and copies of records must be in conformance with the Clear Creek County Public Records Policy (R-19-38). Fees may be charged for research, retrieval of public records, copies of records, computer output, manipulating data and generating reports. 

Contact the Clear Creek County Permit Coordinator
If you need information that is not available through E-Trakit, simply have a questions about conducting permit record research, or have an inquiry about a specific property, please reach out to the Clear Creek County Permit Coordinator at or (303) 679-2333.