Trail Updates

  • 2/16/2021 - ACG Trail users will notice our Polaris UTV stuck about 700-ft up from the trail head in Silver Plume, we are working to get it out before the Spring thaw.  Unfortunately one of the tracks broke off the machine making it nearly immobile :-(
  • 2/9/2021 - ACG (Argentine Central RR Grade) trail.  4 Downed trees were also cleared from across the main trail and the spur to the mine.  An attempt was also made to jackhammer the ice patch about 1/4 mile up to make it easier to cross.
  • 2/1/2021 - Bring your spikes when hiking the ACG  (Argentine Central RR Grade) or Silver Creek trail this Winter!  Extreme caution is called for when crossing ice patches (approx 30ft across and 6" thick) that exist on both trails.  On ACG about 1/4mi up from the lower trail head in Silver Plume, and near the bridge on Silver Creek about 1mi from the trail head in Georgetown.  They both cover the width of the trail and are very slick and difficult to get around - USE CAUTION.  


  • 12/19/2020 - cleared 9 downed trees at Shadows Ranch (I mean "Alverado Open Space Park") that were blocking the dirt road around the pond.  Also picked-up the Polaris from the shop, now ready to groom snow trails and plow parking lots with its new starter!
  • 12/11/2019 - cleared a downed tree on Dunbarton yesterday and hoisted the final (huge) downed tree off the Rutherford Trail today with help from Kevin from Georgetown Parks & Rec.  Rutherford, Dunbarton and Silverdale are now cleared of all debris (until the next storm)...
  • 12/5/2019 - cleared 3 downed trees on the Railbed trail in Silver Dale yesterday, and 17 more (most large with a LOT of branches) across the Rutherford trail today.  Wow, the windstorm really did some damage!  If you come across any downed trees or other trail issues while you are out, please let us know: or 303-679-2308.
  • 11/27/2019 - page 3 article in the Clear Creek Courant; "County emphasizing sustainability in future recreation projects" characterizes future plans for County Open Space and Recreational Trails
  • 11/20/2019 - front page article in the Clear Creek Courant; "Floyd Hill park increasing in popularity" is well worth a read to get the latest scoop on what’s going on with the Floyd Hill trail system.
  • 11/6/2019 - cleared three fallen trees from the advanced trail at Floyd Hill Open Space.  Make sure to wear your spikes, its snowy & icy on this trail!
                                                               Trees on Rutherford Trail After Windstorm
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