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Environmental Health Inspection Request Form

  1. Person who will be physically at the property for the inspection

  2. Phone that you will have at the property
    NOT an office phone number

  3. *Do NOT give us door codes and structure lock codes. We will not perform the inspection if someone isn't there

  4. Signage*

    *If you do not know the official address, please refer to your building permit or inspection card. It will be on both.

  5. Inspection Times*

    Because of the limited number of inspectors and the size of the territory that is covered, we are not able to set the time of the inspections. Inspections are performed Mondays through Fridays. Inspections must be requested by 4:30 pm on a working day, in order to be scheduled on the following inspection day. 

  6. Inspection Time Requests & AM/PM Requests will not be honored

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