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Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Permit Submission


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    1. Please follow the link below to determine whether the property is connected to a sanitation district.

      Please click here to visit Clearmaps and determine whether your property is connected or able to connect to a sanitation district.  By clicking the blue "I want to...." button, you can search for your property by Pin number, parcel name, account number/r-number, or owner name. Yellow lines indicate sanitary sewer lines. 

    2. Does the above link show that it is possible for the property to connect to a sanitation district?*
    3. You indicated above that it is possible to connect to a sanitation district*

      If you are able to connect to a sanitation district, you will not need an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (O.W.T.S.) permit. Please discard this form and contact the appropriate sanitation district to confirm that this property is able to be connected. Please retain this correspondence as that you may need this confirmation for later building endeavors.

    4. In accordance with the Clear Creek County OWTS Regulations, any structure or land site where people live, work or congregate shall contain adequate sanitary sewage disposal systems and shall not discharge any effluent to the surface of the ground, in excavations, or into the surface waters of the State; all systems must be approved by the Environmental Health Department.

      All OWTS must be designed by a Colorado Licensed Professional Engineer. All installations, alterations, repairs, upgrades to an OWTS must have a valid OWTS permit and work cannot commence until the permit is issued by the Environmental Health Department. All installations, alterations, repairs or upgrades must be performed by a County Licensed OWTS contractor

      All construction permits are valid for a period of one (1) year. If construction has not been completed within one (1) year from the issuance date, the permit may be renewed one time. The renewal fee must be paid prior to the permits expiration date, or full fees must be remitted.

      For the purpose of inspecting and enforcing the County’s OWTS Regulations and the terms and conditions of any permit issued, the Environmental Health Department has authorization to freely enter upon private property conduct required tests, take samples, monitor compliance and make inspections.

      Please note that these are requirements for the Environmental Health Department only; additional submittal requirements may be required for other applicable County permits and reviews.

    5. Is the person applying for the permit the same as the property owner?*
    6. Please complete the Land Owner Authorization Form, available by clicking here, and upload it to the line above.

      NOTICE: This form requires notarization. Notarization assistance is available by request at the Clear Creek County Annex Building. Please contact Lexi Berger at to schedule a notarization appointment.